5 Day Creative Inspiration Challenge

Jumpstart your CREATIVITY.

  CEOs ranked creativity as the most important leadership quality. The World Economic Forum ranks creativity as one of the top 3 skills needed in 2020. Your mom says you need to practice the piano. Ok that last one might have been a bit tangential, but the point is – creativity and creative thinking skills are important. Now more than ever.

We want to help you build your creative thinking muscles. That’s why we have designed this FREE 5 Day Creative Inspiration Challenge to give you a little spark. A little jumpstart, if you will. This challenge is for EVERYBODY, not just the “creative types.” Actually, we believe everybody is a creative type. Do something for yourself today and Join us! Isn’t it about time you had a little fun?

5 Day Creative Inspiration Challenge

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How It Works
Each day during the challenge, you will receive an email. This email will provide instructions and inspiration for a task that you will complete. You are invited to share your creation on social media with the #practicecreativity hashtag (*completely optional, but so much fun if you choose to share). These challenges are designed as prompts that allow you to determine how you want to explore your creativity. We light the path and provide great resources and inspiration.
What You Can Expect
  • be inspired through visual examples of creative thinking
  • learn how to practice creativity in simple, daily exercises
  • meet cool people
  • build an increased zone of creative confidence
  • foster your creativity and inspire others
  • a supportive online community 

That Sounds Awesome. Sign Me Up!

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Creative Inspiration

“I cannot thank you enough for this class. It has truly opened my eyes in so many ways.”



It has been a great experience. I have really enjoyed the chance to think and reflect and to share and learn from others. I would encourage anyone who has the chance to participate in something like this to do so. It really does give you a little daily nudge that maybe you can be doing something better than the status quo. We can all benefit from that.


Instructional Designer

“The Practice Creativity Challenge is the best place I’ve seen to start creating a culture supportive of innovation.”