Creative Leaders

The Creative Leaders Series spotlights teachers, artists, and business professionals who demonstrate extraordinary creative potential and achievement.

Creativity Takes Practice

A growth mindset says that one can learn to become more creative. Creativity is not a fixed asset. Creativity needs to be fed, inspired, and challenged. The number of books and articles on how to inspire, build, and stretch creativity validate the need for creative practice. While there are undoubtedly those who are born with talent, every person can become more creative by learning some fundamentals. Fundamentals are the cornerstones of practice. And just like basketball or video games or public speaking, the more you practice, the better you get.

Cultivating Everyday Leaders through Teacher Empowerment

The future depends on how empowered educators feel as well as how their own creative talents are being fostered, nourished and supported. If educators do not feel empowered and tap into their own creativity themselves, then they are unable to help their students discover their own creative potential. Ideally, school leaders and the wider school community would help foster creativity and leadership.

The Five Habits of Highly Creative Teachers

The 5 Habits of Highly Creative Teachers is a MOOC that was designed by 5 women from across the globe in an effort to instill more creative thinking in education. The habits include curiosity, remixing, tribes, failure, and reflection. Creativity is not a singular skill that can be developed in one way or even several ways. As educators, we must create the conditions that allow creativity to flourish in—keeping in mind that creativity will manifest itself differently in every student. One way for educators to learn how to create these conditions is to develop a mindset that allows them to be aware of their own creative abilities.